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Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer Speaks Out Against Health Care Reform Bill

One of the founding partners at our Chicago medical malpractice law firm, Steve Levin, is calling upon all citizens to stand united against an advancing piece of federal legislation known as H.R. 5. The bill, Health Efficient, Accessible, Low Cost, Timely, Health Care (HEALTH) Act of 2011, was recently passed by the House Judiciary Committee and is expected to be voted on by the entire U.S. House of Representatives soon.

The advancement of the dangerous bill makes it all the more important for thoughtful citizens to do everything in their power to voice disapproval of the measure. As we have frequently documented on this blog, H.R. 5 proposes a variety of legal changes that would have the effect of handcuffing the rights of medical malpractice victims.

Specifically, the bill would cap noneconomic damages of victims at $250,000. On top of that, the time given to injured patients to make the decision to file a lawsuit would be cut in half by the legislation. These misguided efforts are being taken to limit the rights of victims even though over 98,000 people die every year because of medical errors. Logic would dictate that Congress spend more time working to limit those losses instead of limiting the legal rights of those suffering from negligence.

In fact, medical malpractice cases actually play a role in improving the care provided by medical professionals. Steve Levin explains that, “When health care providers are sued and required to pay damages to victims, they are motivated to improve patient care to avoid being sued again. If lawmakers reduce the threat or consequences of medical malpractice lawsuits, we will see dramatic decreases in the quality of health care, and an increase in healthcare costs.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti urge all citizens to contact their federal representatives and speak out against this harmful, unnecessary legislation.

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