Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Covers Levin & Perconti Medical Malpractice Settlement

Many contracts come with a provision that states that “time is of the essence.” Legally, that generally means that the timing of various contract terms are particularly important to the agreement. Beyond contract law, there are many other instances when timing is particularly important. Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers know well that in the medical world timing may have life or death consequences.

When a patient visits a medical professional because they are experiencing health problems, they have a reasonable expectation that the professional will conduct necessary testing and tell them what is ailing them. The patient and professional can then work together to make decisions on treatment plans. However, if the doctor does not timely diagnose a problem then necessary treatment is not received-or it is delayed. In those cases, timing often dictates whether a condition is treatable or whether it will likely be fatal.

When area doctors make these mistakes, an Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit is often filed due to the failure to diagnose. For example, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin recently profiled a Levin & Perconti case involving a delayed diagnosis. Our attorney filed suit against a negligent medical professionals on behalf of a young woman who suffered significant medical complications after the doctor’s failure to recognize an adrenal gland tumor.

The victim was only 19 years old when she visited a physician with various symptoms including abdominal weight gain, facial weight gain, and abnormal emotional responses. Without looking at her medical history, performing a physical exam, or conducting other routines tests, the doctor diagnosed the woman with polycystic ovary syndrome. Unfortunately, she did not have the syndrome. She actually had an adrenal gland tumor as well as cancer in her lungs and liver. As a result of the incorrect diagnosis, however, those ailments went untreated for a year and a half.

On top of all of that, the doctors also failed to diagnose the fact that girl was suffering from Cushing’s syndrome. The victim’s mother had shared many of the symptoms from which her daughter was suffering with nurses who were working on her care. However, those nurses never informed the doctor about those symptoms, and so they never were considered when the physician was making his diagnoses.

Doctor’s explain that the chances of the young woman surviving more than a year from now are quite slim. In fact, it has been deemed a medical miracle that she is still alive today. There is a chance she may have been cured had she been diagnosed properly. Our attorneys recently settled the case on behalf of the victim for $4.5 million.

Timely diagnosis is an essential element of proper medical care. All patients should be able to expect that their physicians to will identify their medical problems in a reasonable manner. If a doctor fails to diagnose a problem that a reasonable doctor would have identified, then medical malpractice may have occurred. If you or someone you know may have been harmed because of a diagnosis error, be sure to contact a legal professional to share your story and learn what can be done.

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