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A well-known downtown Chicago surgical center, Gold Coast Surgicenter, is being sued by a male patient who claims an anesthesiologist negligently administered anesthetic agents, causing him to suffer cardiac arrest that caused brain damage. According to the filing, as a result of improper monitoring during a routine outpatient surgery to repair the patient’s knuckle, the patient suffered from ‘hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and other irreversible neurologic brain damage and injury.’

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) can occur when the brain has endured a period of time with either reduced oxygen to the brain or reduced oxygen in the blood. This diminished or fully restricted flow of oxygen to the brain causes serious brain damage. HIE is most frequently noted in birth injury cases of cerebral palsy. In adults, HIE is a concern during and after cardiac arrest.

Facility Lacked Standardized Policies and Procedures for Patient Monitoring and Resuscitation

Doctors are responsible for ensuring that their patients are properly cared for and that they provide the necessary diagnosis and treatment in every case. One man recently filed a lawsuit against several doctors alleging that they failed to provide adequate care. Their negligence caused him to suffer permanent eye injuries. According to the lawsuit, the doctors did not timely treat him and failed to refer him for further treatment, which was necessary.

Failure to Treat

When a doctor fails to properly diagnose or treat a patient, serious injuries can result. The failure to treat is negligent, just as making a mistake while treating a patient. Negligent actions by a doctor occur when he makes a mistake or fails to do something that should have been done. A doctor knows, or should have known, that his actions, or lack of actions, could cause harm to the patient. Negligence by a doctor or other medical professional is also usually called medical malpractice.

Improper Eye Treatment

The man in this case claims to have suffered permanent damage to his eyes as a result of improper treatment. The doctors did not take sufficient measures to prevent injuries and did not refer the man for surgery in a timely manner. As a result, the man’s condition was allowed to worsen and has now resulted in permanent injuries. Eye care is a very important area of concern because if a problem is not promptly treated it may lead to blindness in some situations.
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We trust that when we have surgery the doctor will take all the necessary steps to prevent us from further injury or harm. However, that is not always the case. A malpractice lawsuit was filed in Cook County alleging negligence during surgery caused serious injuries. The lawsuit states that the man underwent a surgical procedure during which a clip was not removed. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 as well as legal costs.

Medical Mistakes

According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, medical mistakes are now the third most common cause of death in the United States. As medical patients, we assume that the doctor knows what to do and is careful not to make any mistakes. Yet thousands of people are injured or die every year because of medical errors. Medical mistakes consist of many types of errors including such things as misdiagnosis, pharmacy errors, medication dosage problems, failure to diagnose, and surgical mistakes.
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When we enter the hospital we trust that the doctors and other professionals will provide us with the proper medical care and treatment we need. Sometimes, however, the hospital is negligent in providing the care necessary. This was the situation for a 41-year-old patient who died after the hospital failed to properly resuscitate her after she suffered cardiac arrest during a biopsy procedure. Mount Sinai Hospital was ordered to pay $8 million to the woman’s son as the result of a jury decision after a malpractice lawsuit.

Admitted to Hospital

The woman in this case was admitted to the hospital with various symptoms including chronic cellulitis in her leg, diabetes, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The woman was being evaluated and while staying in the hospital she developed pneumonia along with shortness of breath. While the original symptoms had subsided for a period of time, they reappeared. The woman began having some breathing issues related to her lungs. The doctors recommended an elective esophagogastroduodenoscopy, called an EGD.

Procedure Gone Wrong
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The use of diagnostic and testing equipment is a necessary part of the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. When we go to a medical facility for tests we expect that the employees will keep us safe from harm and will take precautions to make sure to properly operate the equipment. A recent lawsuit filed in Cook County indicates that a woman was injured during an MRI procedure. The lawsuit is requesting a jury trial and damages in excess of $50,000.


An MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, is a medical test that utilizes magnetic pulses along with radio wave energy to view the internal organs and other areas of the body. An MRI is a special piece of equipment that has specific requirements. The MRI is different from a CT scan. During an MRI, the patient’s body passes into a unit where it must remain still for a period of time while the testing is done. The woman states that the machine was not operated properly and that the MRI machine was not of an adequate size. As a result, the woman suffered physical injuries to the left side of her body.

Negligent Care

The medical personnel that operate MRI machines must be properly trained in the use of the equipment. MRIs may be either open or closed. The closed type may have been utilized in this case. The equipment may not have been the right size to accommodate the woman, or she could have been improperly positioned on the table. Whatever the reason, the woman sustained injuries because of the negligent care provided. The medical professionals should have been more careful and should have noticed that the woman was not aligned to fit into the machine.
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When you enter the hospital for routine surgery, you expect that the doctor and medical staff will do everything necessary to keep you from harm. You also trust that your original medical issue will be correctly resolved. That wasn’t the case for one woman who recently filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered serious and permanent injuries from skin burns that occurred while she was undergoing an abdominal hysterectomy. The medical malpractice lawsuit claims the doctor is responsible for failing to provide proper medical care which caused her injuries.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgical mistakes happen more often than most people realize. Many times, the mistakes are minor and do not negatively impact the health of the patient. But sometimes the injuries are much more serious. When a mistake causes a severe injury, the doctor may be negligent and could be responsible for medical malpractice. The woman states that the doctor in this case did not properly evaluate her medical condition and failed to perform the operation correctly.

Botched Hysterectomy Procedure

The woman in this case required a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is a procedure that is done to partially or completely remove a woman’s reproductive organs, including the uterus. It is often done in response to pain caused by fibroids, or for other medical reasons such as cancer. A total hysterectomy removes the entire uterus, cervix, and ovaries. In this case, the lawsuit states that the procedure was an abdominal hysterectomy. This is open surgery where an incision is made through which to make the removal. Most hysterectomies are completed using this procedure.
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Cosmetic surgery is a choice that we make and is usually considered safe and harmless. In one recent case, however, the patient claims she was severely burned due to negligence during the procedure. The woman filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Renu Cosmetic Laser Center and a doctor, seeking damages in excess of $50,000 and a jury trial.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is used in many types of cosmetic procedures. When done properly, laser treatments are typically harmless. Laser surgery makes a very small incision rather than a cut made with a traditional scalpel. Lasers are also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as scar removal. In this case, the woman experienced severe pain and physical harm due to burns caused by the laser. She received second-degree burns on her hands and arms because of the alleged negligence of the doctor.

Serious Burns

Burns can be caused by a variety of things, including lasers. Lasers that are used carefully do not cause burns. However, if care is not taken, the laser can be very harmful to skin. The laser is designed to burn the skin, but it is not to be left in one place for too long a time. The woman in this case suffered second-degree burns, which are very serious. Burns of this severity will likely leave permanent scars and may require further medical treatment.

Negligence by Doctor

The doctor in this case is accused of failing to properly perform a cosmetic procedure and failing to exercise caution while using a laser. Doctors and other medical professionals are required to use a high degree of care. In this instance, the doctor knew, or should have known, that his negligent use of the laser equipment could cause serious harm to the patient. Negligence by a doctor is also commonly called medical malpractice.
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People who have surgery expect that they will receive proper care and treatment after the procedure is completed. Post-surgical care is important to a satisfactory recovery. Sometimes, however, post-surgical care is not properly provided. A recent lawsuit was filed claiming that negligent care contributed or caused a woman’s death after surgery. The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and several doctors alleging wrongful death and negligence. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the woman’s estate and is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Complications after Surgery

After surgery, the woman experienced many complications including an anastomotic leak. This type of leak is caused by the breakdown of a post-surgical closure. It is associated with colorectal surgery and is a very serious medical problem. Digestive fluids leak into the body and the result is often peritonitis. Peritonitis is an infection that is considered a serious medical emergency. Patients must be properly monitored after surgery to ensure that an infection does not occur. Immediate medical treatment is required at the first signs of peritonitis.

Symptoms Went Untreated
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When we have surgery we expect that the procedure will resolve our medical problem, not cause injury. Yet, that is exactly what happened to a man who underwent surgical procedures as a minor. The man, who is now an adult, had surgery to correct a discrepancy in the limb length of his right leg. The procedure allegedly left him with limited range of movement and permanent disability. The man filed a lawsuit in Cook County, alleging medical malpractice.

Limb Length Discrepancy

Normally, both of a person’s legs are approximately the same length. However, in some cases, the legs may be different lengths. There are a number of reasons this can occur. The child may have had a birth defect, suffered an infection, or had a serious accident or injury. When one limb grows to a longer length than the other, it can present problems walking, can put a strain on the hips, and may damage the spine. In many cases, limb length discrepancy is resolved with surgery.
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For those who are balding, a hair transplant could seem like the answer to your dreams. But for one man, the procedure turned into a medical emergency. The man has filed a lawsuit in Cook County against a hair clinic citing medical negligence. The lawsuit claims that the man suffered severe and permanent injuries and disfigurement due to the negligent care he received as part of a hair transplant. The lawsuit seeks damages of at least $50,000.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are done to place hair onto the head in areas that are bald or balding. During the operation, the doctor removes hair follicles from other areas, such as the neck. The follicles are taken in small groups, roots and all, and are then replanted into prepared sections of the scalp. The hair should take root in the new areas, however, sometimes the procedure does not work, and the hair does not grow properly.
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