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1. Ask how long they have been in the field. Because of the current nursing shortage, you may not have much choice in terms of who cares for you, but if you have concerns, talk to the nurse manager.

2. Discuss slow response times with the nurse manager.

3. Triple-check your meds. A nurse is supposed to double-check to make sure that the patient is receiving the correct medication. To protect yourself from medication dosing errors, triple-check. Ask what the medication is that you are receiving and why you are getting it.

After reviewing the statistics of the prison health care system, a District Judge appointed an overseer to directly monitor the progress in the system which he called “broken beyond repair.” The prison health care system had been killing an average of one inmate per week due to negligence or medical malpractice.

The suggested wage increases will allow the prisons to fill vacancies and obtain more qualified personnel to work in the prison health care system.

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A class action lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of nurses against hospitals in Chicago, Memphis, San Antonio and Albany charging violations of anti-trust laws.

The nurses’ allegations state the existency of a conspiracy to set a wage limit for nurses by exchanging salary information with each other and conspiring not to raise wages past a certain limit. Many blame the prevalence of low wages for nursing positions to the shortage of nurses nationwide. Additionally, staffing issues are largely attributable to the problems associated with Illinois nursing home abuse, Illinois medical malpractice, and national issues with the health industry.

The suit alleges that as a result of the conspiracy and low wages, nurses were underpaid by the following amounts annually in each respective city: Memphis $14,000; Albany $6,200; Chicago $5,400; and San Antonio $1,300.

Registered nurses are, on average, 47 years-old in the United States and that number is on the rise. Despite the shortage, pay in the field remains relatively low. The solution lies increase government spending on nursing education, increase salaries, and improve conditions in our nation’s hospital. Shortages are often blamed for the problems in our state of Illinois nursing home abuse and Illinois medical malpractice.

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