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With health costs rising and health care satisfaction decreasing, a New York based health system has begun a new program to provide refunds. Geisinger Health System started a new refund option for some patients at their hospitals. The refund is available to a number of patients who received specific types of treatments including some surgeries. The refunds are available for a number of reasons and the patients themselves help to determine the amount of money they should get back.

Patient Guarantee

A guarantee for patients is a new concept, but is being tested in this particular hospital system. The idea is that a patient could request a portion of their money back if they were unsatisfied. The refund portion would only be based on the portion of payment that the patient has paid, which is called the co-pay. Guarantees have been around for years, but typically only with other types of products and services.
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Vaccinations are usually considered safe for most children. They are necessary for the majority of kids because they can prevent the contraction of some serious childhood illnesses. While vaccines are often safe, each patient must be examined and a determination made prior to administration. A mother recently filed a lawsuit alleging that a doctor and medical office was negligent when ordering vaccinations for her child. The vaccines were administered according to doctor’s orders and the child died as a result of an adverse reaction. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County, seeks damages of more than $50,000.


Vaccinations are typically required for children at certain intervals and prior to entering school. However, children must first be examined by their physician to ensure that the vaccine is safe. Although rare, some children may be allergic to the ingredients in some of the common vaccines. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides guidelines regarding when vaccinations should be withheld. Anyone who previously suffered any negative reactions to a dose of the vaccine in the past should not be given another dose. Those who have severe asthma or a variety of allergies must be further evaluated before administering a vaccine.
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A report recently issued by the Government Accounting Office, GOA, confirms that hospitals continue to have a serious problem with patient safety. According to the report, about 98,000 people die every year, 20 people each hour in the United States, because of a preventable medical mistake. What may be most startling is that the report has not seemingly prompted action to resolve the many problems plaguing our medical facilities. In fact, the report seems to agree that there are safety concerns for patients and states that hospitals and medical facilities have not resolved the problems.

Medical Mistakes are Preventable

Medical mistakes are now considered the third most common cause of death in the United States. Medical errors include a variety of problems such as medication mistakes, surgical errors, diagnostic mistakes, infections, falls, and hand off problems. The sad truth is that these are serious problems that do not need to occur. They often do happen, however, for a number of reasons. Understaffing is one major reason why medical accidents occur. Care providers are busy and may not take the time necessary to provide proper care. Medical facilities may not provide enough training to employees, rendering them less than adequate.

Medication Errors
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The family of a man who died as a result of a heart attack filed a lawsuit against his doctor and hospital for alleged medical negligence. The man visited the hospital with complaints of chest pain and was examined by the doctor at Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital. The doctor diagnosed the man with possible esophagitis. However, the man died of a heart attack a week later. According to the lawsuit, the misdiagnosis caused improper treatment and this lack of treatment led to his death.

Misdiagnosis of Serious Heart Disease
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A man has filed a lawsuit in Cook County alleging medical malpractice on the part of his podiatrist. The man had implanted joints in his feet, which had loosened, causing pain. The podiatrist removed the implants but did not replace them with a stabilizing mechanism. As a result of the botched surgery, the man suffered foot and ankle pain along with limited mobility. The initial problem, degenerative disease, should not have originally been treated with a surgical implant because it is not recommended for this type of use. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Degenerative Disease
Degenerative disease is also known as osteoarthritis. This disease commonly affects joints in the body and can be very painful and debilitating. It often impacts the feet, due in part to the constant wear and tear over time. The joints in the feet as well as the ankles may swell and become stiff and difficult to move. The typical treatment for this problem includes medications, physical therapy, orthotics, and weight reduction. In this case, the man claims that the podiatrist should not have performed implant surgery and as a result, the man’s condition worsened. In fact, the surgery left him with persistent foot pain and a loss of mobility.
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When you visit the eye doctor you should be able to rest assured that you will receive the best diagnosis and treatment possible. This was not the case for one woman. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County alleging medical malpractice led to a permanent eye injury. The woman visited the Panton Eye Clinic because of pain and swelling of her left eye. According to the lawsuit, the doctors failed to properly diagnose the condition and did not perform the proper tests or prescribe the appropriate medication. As a result, the woman suffered serious and permanent injury to her eye. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Malpractice by Eye Doctors
Eye problems can become serious if they are not properly treated. In this case, the woman reported that she had corneal ulcers which were not diagnosed. Initial treatment utilizes medicated eye drops to reduce swelling and pain. If the problem does not quickly improve, surgery may be required. When eye injuries or illnesses occur, fast diagnosis and treatment are needed to prevent eyesight loss. Permanent injuries can happen if the eye doctor misdiagnosis the problem. Medical malpractice may apply to any situation where a doctor or medical professional provided negligent care.
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A woman has filed a lawsuit in Cook County alleging medical malpractice. The suit claims that the woman was injured internally as well as externally because of surgery that she did not consent to. The lawsuit further claims that the injuries are permanent and will require future medical treatments. The suit seeks damages in excess of $50,000. In cases where a doctor was negligent in providing care, patients should consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to learn what options are available.

Woman Did Not Consent
Thousands of surgeries are completed every day; however, patients must consent to the treatment before it can be provided. Typically, doctors explain the surgical treatment as well as the possibilities that could occur during surgery. Patients must then provide written consent to perform the various treatments and procedures. Doctors must make decisions during the surgery – many of which may be life-threatening. In this case, the woman claims that the doctors did not properly get her consent before surgery. The surgical procedure apparently did not have an acceptable outcome.
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A Texas woman is glad to be alive after she recovered from a potentially deadly blot clot. The 57 year old woman was walking her dog when he lunged and pulled her down. She suffered a crushed shoulder, broken arm, and cracked ribs. Her shoulder required immediate surgery. After surgery she was seemingly doing well. Her doctor had actually released her to go home. However, she was feeling weak and winded.

It was then that her nurse took action. She immediately requested that the woman’s blood oxygen levels be tested. This test ultimately saved her life. Further testing revealed that she had a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lung. Untreated, she quite likely would have died. The failure to diagnose a blood clot may happen frequently because the symptoms may not be noticed.
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All of us rely on doctors and nurses when we are sick. But as we get older and develop chronic health problems, many of us find ourselves relying on the professionals at nursing homes to provide us with all of our medical and personal needs. In additional to medical attention this can include things like fresh bedding, health food, and clean water to drink. When nursing homes fail to provide senior citizens with these basic things a serious health crises can result. In some cases that crisis takes the form of a disease outbreak. There has recently been such an outbreak at a Quincy veterans home of a disease typically related to improperly sanitized water systems.

Death Toll in Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Climbs

According to a CNN report, seven residents of the veterans home in Quincy, Illinois have died as a result of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. An eighth person in Quincy has also died of the disease, but the eighth death did not occur at the facility and is not thought to be related to the outbreak. All of those killed in Quincy by the disease recently were elderly and suffering from underlying serious medical problems. Advanced age and illness increase the risk of contracting the disease and the risk of it being fatal. New cases have been diagnosed as recently as September 8. The most recent death occurred on September 1.
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Medical malpractice lawsuits usually involve suing doctors or nurses or businesses like hospitals or clinics. Sometimes, however, medical care can be provided by other sources, which can broaden malpractice liability. Universities are one example of an institution that can find itself facing medical malpractice accusations, particularly when student athletes are injured. A suit in California provides an example.

An Ex-Football Player is Suing a California University for Medical Malpractice

The Los Angeles Times reports that a former player for the University of California football team has filed a lawsuit against the university. The suit is for medical malpractice, and it is related to the concussions that he suffered while he was on the team. He suffered the concussions both during practices and during games, and as a result of the head trauma he claims to suffer from “permanent and debilitating” neurological injuries. His alleged symptoms include depression (including suicidal ideation), dizziness, memory issues, and vision problems.
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