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The Center for Justice and Democracy (CJ&D), a consumer rights group out of New York Law School, has shared their list of 22 famous figures who have been harmed and even killed by medical malpractice.

Most of us are familiar with the high profile drug-related tragedies of Michael Jackson (2009) and Prince (2016) and even Judy Garland (1969) and Marilyn Monroe (1962). Some of us are familiar with the details surrounding the death of comedian Joan Rivers in 2014 during an endoscopy at a New York City clinic.  But it was surprising even to us to read the details of medical neglect in cases involving other beloved celebrities. As CJ&D pointed out in their report, no one is exempt from medical negligence or malpractice, not even celebrities with all the money and resources in the world at their fingertips. The report also shared several findings that now have become well known to the public. Among them, that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in this country.

Each of the 22 cases highlighted in the report has resulted in a settlement or verdict (or is pending) and in many of them, grieving loved ones or the victims themselves have said that it’s not about money, but instead about enforcing a sense of right vs. wrong in the face of injustice.

The Center for Justice & Democracy, a consumer rights advocacy group out of New York Law School, has compiled a review of medical malpractice incidents and has publicly shared their findings. Entitled “Medical Malpractice: By the Numbers,” the briefing examines recent medical studies and investigations of both inpatient and outpatient groups and facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospice organizations.

The data brings deficiencies in medical care into the spotlight, specifically the care Americans receive within hospitals. Below is a summary of information from the report our medical malpractice attorneys think is particularly informative and worth sharing. All data sources can be found in the CJ&D briefing. We have included the page number of the report that contains the source for each statistic.


Eye care is something that must be taken very seriously. When we have a vision problem we trust that our doctor will properly diagnose and treat our condition. Sometimes, however, that does not happen. In a recent case a man filed a lawsuit citing medical negligence after the misdiagnosis of his eye condition led to his personal injury. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against the doctor as well as Retinal-Vitreal Consultants, LTD and Mercy Hospital and Medical Center seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

Serious Misdiagnosis
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When we go to the hospital we trust that the doctors will do whatever is necessary to properly diagnose and treat our medical problems. Yet that is not always the case. In a report from the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical mistakes account for more than 1,000 deaths a year in the United States. Additionally, mistakes are responsible for injuries to thousands of people annually. The family of a woman who died as a result of alleged negligence has filed a lawsuit in Cook County. The lawsuit states that a hospital, doctor, nurse, and others are responsible for the wrong diagnosis, which led to the woman’s death.
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Our medical care is in the hands of our doctors, whom we trust will always provide us with the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong it is cause for concern and may even be harmful. A woman recently filed a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice by a doctor at Pro Care Medical Center. The lawsuit states that the woman had a CT scan done but the doctor misread it and failed to diagnose her stroke. This delayed the treatment, which caused further medical harm and left her with permanent injuries. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Stroke Symptoms in Women

There are typically five warning signs of a stroke that include sudden numbness in the arm or face, sudden confusion, dizziness, difficulty speaking, and severe headache. In women, however, there are other symptoms that are sometimes overlooked as indications of a stroke. These include fainting, seizures, pain, and problems breathing. Doctors must evaluate all of the complaints of a patient as well as review test results including CT scans in order to make a correct diagnosis. Many of the stroke symptoms of women are either ignored or misdiagnosed, leading to lack of proper treatment. In this case, the woman had a CT scan completed, yet the doctor failed to make a proper diagnosis.
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Hospitals are required to provide patients with the best possible care and people relly on doctors and staff members to keep them safe. Sometimes, however, mistakes are made and when they are they may prove to be deadly. A man has filed a lawsuit against a hospital and doctor alleging negligent care, medical malpractice, and wrongful death of his fiancé. The woman was a patient of Mount Sinai Hospital to undergo an operation. Before and during the operation, the woman’s airway was not properly checked and the doctor did not detect an esophageal intubation soon enough. As a result, the woman suffered from oxygen deprivation to the brain and died several days later.

Standard of Care
Doctors and other medical professionals are required to provide a high level of care. This is based on the fact that they have a high degree of knowledge, education, and experience in medicine. When they fail to provide proper care it may be considered medical malpractice. In this case, the doctor should have been checking the patient at all times to ensure that her airway was not obstructed. The lawsuit states that the doctor did not provide the standard of care necessary and was negligent.
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When we go to the doctor we expect that the medical professionals will help us, rather than make us worse. Sometimes, however, medical mistakes occur and when they do they can be very serious. A recent lawsuit was filed by a patient who alleges that doctors’ misdiagnosis led to permanently disabling injuries. The lawsuit names Waukegan Illinois Hospital Company, LLC, Vista Emergency Department Lindenhurst, the parent companies, and two doctors alleging medical malpractice. The woman is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Misdiagnosis is Common
When you visit the hospital or doctor you place your health in their hands because you trust that they will properly diagnose and treat your problem. In fact, the problem of misdiagnosis occurs commonly in medical facilities and hospitals across the country. Misdiagnosis is a form of medical malpractice. Doctors must provide a high level of care to patients and correct diagnosis is the first step. In this case, the woman visited the hospital emergency room with severe chest and back pain. She was diagnosed with unspecified musculoskeletal pain and sent home. Later she was correctly diagnosed with a spinal infection.
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A woman has filed a lawsuit against a Chicago Heights hospital alleging medical malpractice in the death of her husband. The man was a patient of St. James Hospital suffering from pneumonia and other issues. The man was known to be at a high risk for developing pressure sores. While the man was in the hospital he developed a stage 2 pressure ulcer on his coccyx. The wound worsened and caused the man’s condition to deteriorate over time, leading to his death. The woman is represented by Levin & Perconti, a leading medical malpractice law firm in Chicago.

The Reality of Medical Mistakes
Medical mistakes and negligence takes place quite often. Most times, the victim is not seriously injured so the situation does not require further action. However, sometimes the negligent action causes a traumatic injury or even death. When this occurs, the victim or family is entitled to receive compensation for damages. Doctors and other medical professionals are required to provide a high level of care to patients. In this case, the patient developed a very serious bed sore within just days of treatment. Medical malpractice is never acceptable and victims need to seek recovery of damages incurred because of the negligence.
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A lawsuit was filed in Cook County by the mother whose son died after an alleged misdiagnosis at a local hospital. The lawsuit was filed against Advocate Christ Medical Center, Advocate Children’s Hospital, and the parent company, as well as five doctors who treated the son. According to the lawsuit, the 20-year-old son was a cancer patient and was receiving treatment in the pediatric unit. He arrived at the emergency room on January 31, 2014 complaining of severe pain. He also had a rapid heart rate and rapid breathing. He underwent a variety of tests including a CT scan and blood tests and medications were prescribed. However, according to the lawsuit, only one of the two prescriptions was given to him and he later died as a result of cardiac arrest.

Misdiagnosis and Mistakes
Mistakes are certainly more common in hospitals and medical facilities than most people imagine. The hospital should be considered a place to receive treatment to improve your condition, not make it worse. In this instance, the son was only provided one of the two medications which were vital to improvement. When misdiagnosis, miscommunication, or mistreatment occurs they are all considered forms of medical malpractice. In this case, the miscommunication between hospital workers was likely the reason why he did not receive the medications that could have saved his life.
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A lawsuit filed against MetroSouth Medical Center and five doctors has been successfully settled for $4.29 million. The suit was filed on behalf of the family of a woman who died as a result of medical malpractice in 2010. The woman died as a result of the failure of doctors to recognize and treat a pericardial effusion, which led to a cardiac tamponade, causing her death. The case was set to go to trial on October 21, 2015, however it was settled instead. John Perconti and Jordan S. Powell of Levin & Perconti represented the family.

Medical Malpractice
The patient in this case died after the doctors and medical professionals failed to perform the proper tests and provide the treatment necessary. The woman went to the emergency room at MetroSouth Medical Center on the morning of February 28, 2010 complaining of chest pain. It was determined that she had low blood pressure and a CT scan was done, which showed that she suffered with what was considered a mild pericardial effusion. This condition occurs when fluid fills between the heart muscle and outer layer of the heart. The woman was sent to ICU and an echocardiogram was ordered to be done in the morning to rule out the possibility of cardiac tamponade.
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