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Many people are afraid of going to the dentist, even though dental practices have improved greatly over the last decades. Special dental practices even offer gentle dentistry to accommodate terrified patients. One dentist in France has done nothing to calm the nerves of anxious patients. The dentist, dubbed the “dentist of horror” was found guilty of mutilating more than 100 patients with terrible dental practices.

Horrible Dentistry

The dentist in this case had been practicing for a number of years in a rural area of France. The dentist performed a number of horrible acts including pulling teeth that were healthy, breaking patient’s jaws, and causing abscesses and blood poisoning. Further, the dentist caused pain and suffering of more than 100 patients.

Many Patients Were Hurt
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A Chicago dentist is facing a lawsuit after he performed a root canal that ended up going terribly wrong. A root canal is never pleasant, but for one woman, the experience left her injured and in pain. The woman filed a lawsuit against the negligent dentist claiming the treatment was below the professional standard that is considered acceptable for dentists in Illinois. The lawsuit seeks damage of more than $50,000 and a jury trial has been requested.

Negligent Dental Care
This case brings to light the fact that medical malpractice can occur even with dental services. In this incident, the woman visited the dental office to undergo a root canal procedure. The dentist did not note any problems at the time of the visit. After the surgery, the woman began to experience severe pain, which she reported as being excruciating. The pain would not subside and it was reported to the dentist. In fact, the woman made ten visits to the dentist and the pain continued to go unresolved.
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Medical malpractice is not just a matter of malpractice by medical doctors. It also includes dental malpractice. Dental procedures can be risky, and dentists are responsible for protecting your health by adhering to an appropriate standard of care. This includes not only properly performing procedures, but not performing unnecessary and inappropriate procedures. Unfortunately some dentists find themselves motivated more by greed than by helping patients, and malpractice occurs.

Dentist in Indiana Accused of Doing Unnecessary Procedures

WISHTV reports that an Indiana dentist is accused of performing unnecessary dental procedures on patients. The dentist is facing potential discipline by the state board. The dentist is also accused of Medicaid fraud. There have been complaints since 2012 that the dentist has been performing the unnecessary procedures. For example, patients claim that he removed dozens of their teeth that did not in fact have to be removed. The current disciplinary proceedings focus on the Medicaid fraud rather than the malpractice allegations, but the dentist has faced malpractice suits in the past for this conduct.
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One little reported area of medical malpractice involves the teeth. Dental malpractice can become an whether you are getting a routine cleaning or undergoing serious dental surgery. An area of dental malpractice that is likely highly underreported is pediatric dental malpractice. Since so many children are afraid of the dentist, and since children can often have difficulties expressing accurate and detailed information about their experiences, parents may not even realize that their child has been a victim. This can go on for years, as one case out of Florida demonstrates.

Florida Pediatric Dentist is Facing Extreme Accusations
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Many people fear the dentist. Between the Novocaine shots, the sound of the drill, and bad memories of childhood braces, a day at the dentist is not exactly a day at the beach. But most people go and most of the time it works out perfectly fine. Unfortunately, some people are not so lucky. Some people find themselves victims of dental malpractice. Dental malpractice may not be the most commonly thought of type of medical malpractice, but it can have serious consequences for the patients who experience it.

Aurora Dentist Accused of Malpractice

Wheaton Patch reports that an Aurora dentist is facing allegations of malpractice in DuPage County. The patient in this case claims that his long-term dentist did not inform him that he had gum disease and it was getting worse. The patient went to this dentist from 1980 up through part of 2013. Throughout the over three decades of treatment the dentist provided the patient with general dental care, diagnostic and restorative care, and treatment planning. In 1999 the dentist told the patient that he noticed periodontal disease, but allegedly did not tell the patient about any particular problem area. Allegedly the dentist did not bring up the condition of the patients gums again until 2012. The patient then went to a different dentist, who diagnosed him with periodontal disease. The patient returned to the original dentist, who at that point, in 2013, finally referred the patient to a periodontal specialist. The patient claims as a result of the delay in his treatment he now suffers from a moderate to advanced form of the disease which has required surgery including bone grafting.
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Almost no one likes going to the dentist. Its uncomfortable, the drill sounds terrifying, and the lectures on why you should be flossing more often are guilt inducing. However, even though some of us fear the dentist and think that the procedures may hurt, very few people imagine that their dentist may actually cause them lasting harm. But, just like a surgeon or a primary care physician can commit medical malpractice, a dentist can commit dental malpractice. Now there are allegations that one celebrity dentist has done just that on numerous occasions.

Celebrity Dentist from “The Swan” Faces Eighty-Six Allegations of Misdiagnoses and Botched Procedures

The Orange County Register reports that dentist Dr. Sherri Worth is facing a long list of allegations from the Dental Board of California. Worth gained celebrity status when she acted as a dentist on the relatively short-lived reality show “The Swan.” Her regular dental practice is in Newport Beach, California. Back in 2012 she lost a malpractice lawsuit and was ordered to pay the plaintiff $641,542. In that case an arbitrator found that Worth had incorrectly installed a patient’s crowns and that as a result the patient suffered relentless pain. The allegations from this lawsuit are included in the Dental Board’s complaint against Worth.
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The “typical” case of medical malpractice (at least in the minds of most community members) is usually a doctor in a hospital who commits some overt error–surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication problem, etc. However, we often point out how many other types of healthcare providers can also commit malpractice and the form of the errors can be varied.

That principle is perhaps best epitomized by a story making headlines again involving a dentist whose carelessness may have caused a hundred patients to contact various versions of hepatitis.

The Case

The goal of a civil lawsuit is to make an injured party “whole.” Damages therefore seek to compensate one for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other things that were “lost” as a result of the negligence. But what happens when a party dies as a result of negligence? Obviously that party cannot be made whole–no amount of money can change anything. It would be perverse if negligence that caused a death somehow was less costly for the negligent party than an accident that just caused an injury. Fortunately, at these times surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive compensation for their own losses.

These wrongful death lawsuits can arise in virtually any situation, from car accidents and slip and fall incidents to medical malpractice. For example, the Baltimore Sun recently reported on a settlement in a wrongful death guess following a passing connected to dental surgeon. The story is heartbreaking and a reminder that mistakes can prove fatal in even the most routine settings.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Gone Wrong

Several news outlets reported late this week on a new dental malpractice lawsuit filed by well known singer and actress LeAnn Rimes. As Ace Showbiz explained in a recent story, the new lawsuit alleges that the defendant doctor botched a myriad of things during over three years of treatment on the celebrity. As a result of the mistakes, the suit claims, the singer has been forced to endure significant pain and nearly a dozen extra surgeries and treatments with wide-ranging impacts on her work.

Dental Errors

Mistakes made by dentists continue to fly under the radar for most community members. Likely because of exaggerated claims by tort reform proponents, medical malpractice affecting hospitals and physicians seems to make news on a daily basis. But discussion on quality of care among dentists and oral surgeons is less discussed. This is unfortunate, because it is just as important for local residents to be careful about who they select for dental work as it is for selections about traditional surgeries on other parts of the body.

Medical malpractice includes much more than mistakes made by doctors and nurses in hospitals. Instead, any professional who provides various forms of healthcare treatment and advice can make errors and cause serious harm to patients. For example, dental patients frequently face serious problems because they do not receive the basic care to which they are entitled. Just as with hospital errors, dentists can be held accountable under the law for mistakes which cause harm.

Sadly, there are some dental professionals who are chronically negligent–hurting patient after patient before finally being held accountable. That seems to be the case for one dentist who now faces many different medical malpractice lawsuits and millions of dollars in liability. Dentistry IQ shared information on the situation. According to their reports, the dentist in question has faced state regulatory problems, patient complaints, and other issues for well more than a decade.

Dental Negligence

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