Cancer Misdiagnosis Leads to Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys are very familiar with the consequences of a caner misdiagnosis. We have helped many victims and their families whose medical condition suffered catastrophically because of lost time due to cancer diagnostic errors. It is not an exaggeration to say that lives frequently hang in the balance when a possible cancer diagnosis is involved. All patients therefore have a right to expect their medical professionals to not make unreasonable errors when it comes to these issues. When doctors fail in this regard, those victims can recover for their losses.

Unfortunately, even with the high-stakes, physicians in our area continue to make clear mistakes that result in missed or delayed cancer diagnoses. About Lawsuits reported on a new Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a southern Illinois man alleging that his doctor failed to timely diagnosis him with cancer in his neck. The man claims that he visited an area doctor to have a lump removed from his neck in June of 2009. A tissue sample from that procedure was sent to another doctor for analysis. The analyzing physician told the man that all he had was an infected cyst. Based on that analysis, the man received only minimal treatment for the cyst. However, in reality the tissue sample actually was cancer.

As a result of the misdiagnosis the victim did not receive any treatment for the cancer. Eventually, the lump returned and spread to the man’s tongue and lymph nodes. He was forced to undergo extensive cancer treatment as a result. It is yet unclear how the man’s treatment was affected by the delay.

Obviously early detection of any sort of medical issues is usually an important factor in the prognosis. This is especially true with cancers, as they are usually fast growing, invasive objects that cause more damage the longer they are allowed to spread. If a cancer grows to a certain size or is spread over a certain area, then some treatment options often become unavailable. The chance of a full cure is always much higher in cancer patients who identify the problem early on. In those cases the cancer cells can often be completely removed from the body. When the cancer cannot be completely removed, then the odds of a complete cure is lowered.

Some opponents of the civil justice system often paint these Illinois misdiagnosis lawsuits as unfair attacks on good-intentioned physicians. However, as any Illinois misdiagnosis lawyer will explain, these cases are not filed against doctors who follow standard procedures and fail to catch a cancer that falls through the diagnostic cracks. Instead, these suits are based on clearly substandard conduct that departs from the practices of reasonable doctors.

In other words, if a doctor acts as any normal doctor would and still fails to diagnose cancer, then that doctor will not face liability. However, if a doctor does not conduct proper testing or misses clear signs that should be caught by a prudent physician, then the aggrieved victim has a reasonable right to be compensated for the consequences of the doctor’s error.

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