Bill to Increase Patient Awareness About Physician Malpractice

A state legislative agreement was announced today that will publicize the names of doctors charged with misconduct and will give those doctors just one day to produce office records demanded by investigators. The measure is in response to a case where a physician improperly exercised controls over infections resulting in notifications to 10,000 patients that they may be infected. The physician had infected at least one patient with hepatitis C by reusing syringes. That same doctor had also been involved in 10 medical malpractice settlements in 10 years, which should have triggered a state investigation.

The new bill will require increased review of medical malpractice records to find patterns disturbing patterns. The bill will also increase transparency, a critical step to improved patient confidence in physicians and the medical profession. The increased access to medical records will also assist patients seeking to hold physicians accountable for their negligence and malpractice.

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