Battle over Tort Reform Proves Costly to Families

For over 20 years the insurance industry has been engaged in a pitched battle to take away the legal rights of families. They succeeded in the state of Texas, where medical malpractice caps have now greatly affected the lives of many American families. Now, the national government is trying to use Texas as a model for tort reform leading to lower health costs. However, the actual result is far from a success story. Most importantly, health care costs in Texas have risen dramatically. Additionally, Texas ranks near the bottom in per capita physicians, rural and underserved areas are still without new physicians and Texas has the highest number of uninsured citizens. By shifting accountability from victims of medical error to the taxpayer, Texas has done nothing to improve their state of health care. In fact, it appears that they have done the exact opposite. Please contact your local senator and voice your opposition for tort reform. The families of this nation cannot experience the same kind of hardship that is currently seen in Texas. To read more about the tort reform, please click the link.

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