Another Wrongful Death Verdict For Plaintiff Following Medical Malpractice

PR Web shared information on Friday regarding the end of yet another wrongful death lawsuit rooted in medical malpractice. As our Chicago wrongful death attorneys frequently share, negligent care by medical professionals is one of the most common situations that lead to these suits filed by the survivors of those killed by the errors of others.

The Case
This particular suit was filed on behalf of a widow and her two sons. The medical malpractice attorneys representing the family explained that the case was unique, involving a sensational situation which overshadowed the underlying accusations of medical negligence.

The decedent in this case was thirty-one years old, married with two children. While young, the man had a series of heart-related risks. Tests indicated that he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He had serious concerns about arteries in his heart being clogged. In talks with his doctor the man explained that he had continual episodes of chest pain that radiated into his arm. Many local residents are likely familiar with these health risks, as heart disease and blockages are some of the most common causes of injury and sudden death.

The doctor told the man that the problem was likely connected to his heart. However, the doctor also explained that the condition was stable, meaning that it shouldn’t spiral into more serious medical complications. Our Illinois wrongful death lawyers know that this assumption of stability was at the heart of the subsequent medical malpractice case. In reality, the man needed immediate help. During the man’s trial another cardiologist explained that the doctor should have known that the condition was not stable and that quick intervention was needed.

Unfortunately, the doctor only ordered another test eight days later. The patient would not survive to that test. Instead, a few days later, while engaged in a ménage e trio, the man suffered a heart attack. He died shortly after the sexual episode.

The Lawsuit
The man’s wife and two children filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the aftermath of the death. During the case it became clear that the man’s doctor did not provide proper information in the man’s medical record. In addition, experts explained how, considering the man’s tests and symptoms, it would have been prudent for the man to be “worked-up” immediately and not allowed to go home. If proper procedure had been followed the man likely would have received the medical care he needed and the fatal heart attack would have been prevented.

The specific conduct of the man before the heart attack was a complicating factor in the case. It is often difficult for juries to parse out the legal issues from the surrounding facts, which may paint the plaintiff in an unfavorable light. Fortunately, the jury in this case was able to sort through the facts fairly. They returned a verdict in favor of the window and her two children in the amount of $5 million. The amount was reduced by a certain percentage because of the deceased’s own negligence. However, the family was still able to ensure accountability and receive redress for their losses.

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