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American Association For Justice Report: Caps Do Not Reduce Malpractice Premiums

The series of reports issued about medical negligence by the American Association for Justice continues today with a look at the truth about the effect of medical malpractice lawsuit caps on premiums paid by medical doctors.

A common refrain from those seeking to persuade state legislatures to pass laws advancing arbitrary medical malpractice damage caps is that doing so will lower malpractice premiums. Yet once again the truth of the issue paints a different picture than “reformers” often claim.

A study from the Medical Liability Monitor from last year indicates that premium values remain unchanged by malpractice caps. If anything, those states that do not have caps have slightly lower malpractice premium rates. When looking at internists, general surgeons, and OB/Gyns cumulatively states with caps averaged a premium of $44,799, while non-cap states averaged $43,709 yearly. Each of those types of doctors examined individually reveal the same pattern of premium rates: virtually indistinguishable between cap and non-cap states.

Our Chicago malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti are committed to working for victims of medical malpractice and allowing them fair access to the justice system. We oppose all political efforts to deny victims of medical negligence their day in court. It is vital to spread the truth about errors made by medical professionals and the need for victims to allow a jury to hear the facts and make a ruling.

Please Click Here to read more about the true effects of malpractice damage caps on premium prices. Please visit this blog again in the coming days for more reports from the American Association for Justice.

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