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American Association for Justice Discusses Tort Reform

The President of AAJ, Anthony Tarricone, was adamant that any changes to the malpractice system must focus on patient safety and preventable medical errors. He also believes that it is crucial that any tort reform does not limit patients’ legal rights. The new goals outlined by the White House, such as reducing the number of injuries, fostering better communication, compensating patients quicker and reducing doctors’ premiums, are moving the debate in the right direction of health care reform. However, since 46 states have already enacted tort reform patients injured through medical mistake are unable to seek justice. Therefore, it is critical that all discussions involving reform adhere to the 7th Amendment right to a trial by jury. Limiting patient’s rights in medical malpractice cases is not a solution to the problem. A proper solution would be to promote greater patient safety and reduce preventable medical errors. To read the entire AAJ statement, please click the link.

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