Alleged Improper Medical Care Caused Patient’s Death

When we go to the hospital or seek treatment from a doctor we expect that we will receive the attention and care that is necessary. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The family of a man who died because of alleged medical negligence filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Vascular Specialists S.C. and a doctor. The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and damage in excess of $50,000.

Failure to Provide Proper Care

The family in this case state that the doctor did provide treatment quickly enough. This delay led to the man’s death. Had the man received prompt medical attention and treatment he may not have died. Delay of treatment is often considered a form of medical negligence or malpractice. The man was seeking treatment for vascular problems. Many times, vascular disease can be very serious and even life-threatening.

Vascular Disease

Vascular disease is an illness that affects the veins, arteries, and circulatory system of the body. The disease my include narrowing of the arteries near the heart and brain. Those at elevated risk for vascular disease include those who smoke, those with high cholesterol levels, those who suffer from hypertension, and those who are overweight. Various evaluations can be done to determine the extent of the disease such as ultrasound and angiography tests.

Treatment of Vascular Disease

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease will help prevent complications. The presence of vascular disease often indicates that the patient may suffer from arterial disease of the arteries in the brain. Narrowed arteries may lead to a stroke or heart attack. Various treatments are possible for vascular disease. Medication, surgery, angioplasty, and lifestyle change are all possible treatment options. In this instance, the man did not receive proper treatment and the delay resulted in his death.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor makes a mistake or fails to provide treatment which results in serious harm to the patient. Irresponsible care is also considered negligent because medical professionals are held to a high standard of care. They must provide the best care possible and are responsible for injuries because they know that their errors could result in serious harm or death. Errors are avoidable and therefore doctors should be particularly careful to prevent them.

Death Due to Negligent Medical Care

When a patient dies because of medical negligence the doctor or hospital may be held accountable. The victim’s family may need to file a claim against the negligent party. The family may be entitled to collect compensation for damages such as medical costs, pain and suffering, and loss of life. It is also important to bring the incident to light so that others may not be similarly hurt. Typically, claims must be filed within a period of two years from the date of the incident. If you or a family member was the victim of medical negligence, contact the compassionate legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation and get answers to your questions.

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