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AAJ Launches “Take Justice Back”

The fight to preserve the rights of those hurt by medical malpractice has actually be waging for decades. Long ago many big medical interests and the insurance lobby learned that they had the opportunity to increase their profit margins even more by trying to erode the rights of those harmed by their work to seek legal accountability. Sadly, instead of devoting all of their effort to improving care so that mistakes slowly disappeared, they devoted effort to legislative battles so that they were partially or fully immunized from full accountability for their mistakes.

Besides leading to stagnating patient safety improvement records, this approach is tragic in that it represents a grevious travesty of justice. Instead of abiding by the basic rules that apply to all of us–the need to act reasonably to prevent harm to others–these big companies strive to have special rules carved out for them. Anyone who fights for justice and understands the overriding principle of fairness and equality that exists in our judical system should stand up in strong support against all of these efforts.

Fortunately, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) is stepping up and beginning to play offense. Instead of only responding to the false claims made by those pushing “tort reform” laws, the AAJ is determined to become more active and actually affirm the rights of all consumers.

Toward that end the AAJ recently launched it’s “Take Justice Back” project. The main website for the effort can be found here.

According to the AAJ, “Take Justice Back” is intended to be a tool that preserves and strengthens the rights of all consumers to full fairness, equality, and access to the civil justice system. The idea behind the effort is clear: if no one is accountable, then no one is safe. This principle is engrained in all facets of American culture, from families and businesses to the government itself. To best preserve the safety and well-being of all of society, there must be ramifications for actions that harm others. Otherwise, those engaging in the harm have no incentive to change to prevent future damage. In fact, in some cases, without accountability, there are clear incentives to cut corners and otherwise enrich certain big interests at the expense of the vulnerable majority. The justice system is supposed to be the bulwark that fights against this.

However, those big interests continue their relentless attack on the civil justice system. They are well-funded, organized, and have influencial friends in Washington and state capitols. However, the two things they do not have are the truth of their arguments and the backing of the majority of community members who understand the need for a strong system of justice.

All of us at Levin & Perconti are proud to work on behalf of all local residents harmed by others–not big companies working to filter even more money into their coffers. We urge everyone who cares about justice to visit this new AAJ site and get involved in the effort to protect our legal system from those seeking to undermine it.

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