$7 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Long Island Business News reported today on the judicial verdict in a malpractice case that was recently handed down. The lawsuit was filed against two doctors for their negligent post-op treatment which resulted in years of health problems for the unsuspecting medical victim.

Several years ago the patient underwent cardiac bypass surgery at St. Francis Hospital. Following the operation the victim suffered from what is known as a cardiac tamponade. It arises when there is bleeding into the chest following a heart procedure. Unfortunately, the two doctors charged with his care failed to diagnose the dangerous condition. That mistake allowed pressure to build in his chest without relief, leading to cardiac arrest.

The complications required a second cardiac surgery and a subsequent 2 ½ years of hospital stays and rehabilitation requirements. Many other troubles arose stemming from the initial mistake including nerve damage, brain injury, kidney failure, a trachostomy, bed sores, and sepsis.

The man filed a malpractice lawsuit against the negligent doctors for their treatment. After the trial the judge found in favor of the plaintiff, awarding him $7 million for his losses.

Our Chicago malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti spend each day fighting for victims, like the man here, whose lives are turned upside down by the negligence of their medical caregivers. In particular, we have represented similar patients whose doctors failed to diagnose cardiac problems with devastating consequences. Doctors maintain complete control over an individual’s most important possession-their health. The supreme trust placed in a physician therefore requires responsible care be administered at all times. Failure to provide that care is grounds for seeking recourse. Our malpractice attorneys specialize in helping victims in just that way.

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