$2.25 M Verdict Awarded in Medical Malpractice Anesthesia Case

A California man went in for routine eye surgery and left with serious, permanent brain damage from the anesthesia. The gentleman intended to have the lens on one eye replaced with an artificial lens, which is a standard outpatient procedure, generally lasting fewer than two hours.

However, the physician was exorbitantly negligent. After anesthetizing the man, the anesthesiologist recklessly left the man unattended while he was under the effects of anesthesia. According to Becker’s ASC Review, the [medical malpractice case lawsuit] arose because the patient had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and went into a deeper level of sedation than was planned; as a result the man suffered a lack of oxygen which caused an anoxic brain injury.

Anoxic brain injuries are serious, life-threatening injuries that can cause permanent mental and cognitive damage. The anesthesiologist responsible negligently failed to meet the standards of care to which health care professionals are held, and as a result of his medical malpractice, was found to be responsible for the man’s permanent cognitive brain injuries.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys have handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases in Illinois and understand the emotional struggle that comes as a result of these long-lasting injuries. If you or a loved one have been the victim of medical malpractice, an attorney may be able to help you determine your rights.

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