2006 Election Analysis: Americans do not support the so-called “tort reform”

Although many corporate lobbyists repeatedly stated that restricting lawsuits through so-called “tort reform” was one of the top concerns of today’s voting public, the results from the 2006 midterm election show just the opposite. For example, Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania campaigned “tort reform” as part of his platform. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent over half a million dollars on ads praising Santorum for his pro-“tort reform” stance. Nevertheless, he lost by no slim margin to his opponent Bob Casey, who opposes “tort reform.” Several other congressional candidates who used attacks on trial lawyers during their election races also were defeated.

Despite the results, the day after the election, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform stated that swing voters demanded restrictions on their rights to bring lawsuits. This is contrary to both CNN’s and Gallup’s Top Ten exit polls, which did not even list “litigation reform” as an issue influential in a voter’s decision. In the recent election, our predictions, that Americans really do not want to limit their ability to obtain justice through the legal system, were affirmed.

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