May 3, 2016

Botched Cosmetic Procedure Prompts Lawsuit

by Levin & Perconti

Cosmetic surgery should be considered safe and those who undergo a procedure expect that it will be completed properly and safely. Unfortunately, a cosmetic procedure went wrong for one local woman, who suffered severe injuries after the procedure was done. The woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical group alleging that they were negligent in using the wrong materials in her procedure. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 and is requesting a jury trial.

Bioplasty Gone Wrong

Many different types of cosmetic procedures are available to enhance or improve the body. A bioplasty is a cosmetic procedure used mainly to enhance the buttocks.. During the procedure either prosthetic inserts or some type of material is injected to increase the size of the buttocks. While this type of procedure is usually safe, there are sometimes problems that can occur, particularly when the doctor is negligent. In this case, the woman suffered pain and bleeding after the procedure and the area became infected.

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April 30, 2016

Lawsuit Filed Against Health Care Provider for Negligent Care

by Levin & Perconti

When we or our loved ones are in the hospital we trust that proper care will always be provided. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A lawsuit was recently filed against a local hospital and doctor alleging that failure to provide adequate supervision and treatment caused a woman’s death. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County, names Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL and a doctor. The paperwork alleges that the facility failed to provide medical assistance and the woman fell, suffering severe head injuries. The woman died a month after the incident. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 and is requesting a jury trial.

Fall Caused Serious Injuries

Falls can lead to very significant injuries, especially in the elderly. Falls account for thousands of visits to hospital emergency rooms every year. Falls often cause injuries such as bruises, sprains, and broken bones, but they can also be the source of more serious injuries. In this case, the woman suffered a hip fracture and a head injury due to the fall. The woman was not properly attended to and it was during this time that she suffered the fall. The hospital should have provided proper attention. They allegedly failed to properly assess her condition.

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April 27, 2016

Patient Injured During Surgery Files Lawsuit

by Levin & Perconti

When we enter the hospital for surgery we trust that our doctor will take proper care of us and not cause us further harm. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened, according to a patient. The man was allegedly harmed because of negligence that occurred during a medical procedure. The man has filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical center and a doctor for medical malpractice. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $50,000 and a jury trial.

Surgical Mistake

The patient in this case was undergoing surgery for a cervical decompression and fusion when the proper procedures were not followed and the man was seriously hurt. The lawsuit indicates that the doctor filed to exercise the standard of care in medical care and treatment. The botched procedure caused him serious and permanent injuries. Mistakes made in hospitals and other medical facilities are among the leading causes of death in the United States.

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April 24, 2016

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed for Eye Injury During Surgery

by Levin & Perconti

A man and his wife have filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice against a hospital and medical team after a mistake during surgery. The man was undergoing a surgical procedure for sleep apnea when the injury occurred. The injury was caused, according to the lawsuit, by the failure to protect him from injuries and by using a material that could cause harm. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County and requests damages in excess of $50,000 and a jury trial.

Routine Surgery

Many types of surgical procedures are considered to be routine because they are performed quite often. In this case, the man underwent surgery to correct sleep apnea. The surgical procedure itself was successful but during the surgery something went wrong. Something that was used in the surgery caused injury to the man’s eyes. The lawsuit claims that the medical team failed to prevent the injury by improperly preparing for the procedure. While the surgery did not involve the man’s eyes, his eyes were hurt because of the negligent act.

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April 20, 2016

Negligent Arthroscopic Surgery and Care Caused Serious Injury, Lawsuit

by Levin & Perconti

Surgical procedures have come a long way over the past several decades. Injuries that used to require difficult surgery and long recovery times are now becoming routine thanks to arthroscopic surgery techniques. Arthroscopic surgery allows for a small incision that makes reduces pain and healing time. While most surgical procedures go as planned, sometimes there are problems or mistakes. A man recently filed a lawsuit against the doctors and hospital after he suffered a serious post-surgical infection. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against The Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park and two doctors.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is surgery done to repair and examine the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues. An arthroscope is a tiny camera that is inserted though a small incision. The surgeon can inspect the internal areas and make any repairs necessary to damaged tissues. The procedure is generally considered very safe. The incision site is very small and usually heals with proper care. The shoulder itself heals over a period of weeks or months, depending on the extent of surgery that was required. Arthroscopy is often used instead of open surgery because it is easier and offers a faster healing time.

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April 15, 2016

Negligent Administration of Vaccines Led to Boy’s Death

by Levin & Perconti

Vaccinations are usually considered safe for most children. They are necessary for the majority of kids because they can prevent the contraction of some serious childhood illnesses. While vaccines are often safe, each patient must be examined and a determination made prior to administration. A mother recently filed a lawsuit alleging that a doctor and medical office was negligent when ordering vaccinations for her child. The vaccines were administered according to doctor’s orders and the child died as a result of an adverse reaction. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County, seeks damages of more than $50,000.


Vaccinations are typically required for children at certain intervals and prior to entering school. However, children must first be examined by their physician to ensure that the vaccine is safe. Although rare, some children may be allergic to the ingredients in some of the common vaccines. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides guidelines regarding when vaccinations should be withheld. Anyone who previously suffered any negative reactions to a dose of the vaccine in the past should not be given another dose. Those who have severe asthma or a variety of allergies must be further evaluated before administering a vaccine.

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April 12, 2016

Failed Cataract Surgery Leaves Patient with Permanent Injury

by Levin & Perconti

Cataract surgery has come a long way in the last several decades. It is usually considered to be a common and safe procedure. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong it can mean a loss of eyesight as it did for one patient. The patient has filed a malpractice lawsuit stating that medical negligence led to permanent eye damage. The lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 in damages as well as money to cover legal fees.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery today is typically completed on an outpatient basis. The surgery requires local anesthetic and a mild sedative. The patient will usually be groggy but awake during the procedure. The surgery uses a procedure to break up the lens so it can be easily removed. Once the original lens is taken out a lens implant, called an intraocular lens, is implanted as a replacement. After surgery the eye will take several days to a week to begin to return to normal and vision should start to return without blurring. In this case, the patient states that the surgical procedure was not performed properly and it caused permanent decreased vision in one of the eyes.

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April 9, 2016

Medication Mistake Caused Injuries, Prompted Lawsuit

by Levin & Perconti

We trust that our doctors and other medical professionals will always give us the best of care and will provide us with the correct medications to treat our ailment. In one recent situation this was not the case. A woman has filed a lawsuit against a doctor and health care provider alleging that they were negligent in their care and treatment. The lawsuit is seeking damages of more than $50,000 as well as legal fees. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor is negligent in providing care to a patient.

Avascular Necrosis

Avascular necrosis is a disorder of the bones caused when there is a lack of blood flow. A reduced blood flow reduces the oxygen to the bone tissues and they begin to die. This can happen when there is a bone fracture or break. Avascular necrosis, also known as osteonecrosis, causes small breaks that lead to the eventual collapse of the bone and most commonly affects middle-aged people. It can also be caused by the use of some medications. In this case, the woman indicates that the doctor’s negligence caused her to suffer avascular necrosis in her right hip.

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April 5, 2016

Late Chiropractor Sued for Patient’s Back Injuries

by Levin & Perconti

Going to the chiropractor is supposed to help resolve medical problems, not create them. Yet one patient claims that her chiropractor provided negligent treatment which caused permanent neurological damage. The woman has filed a lawsuit against the chiropractor’s estate because he is now deceased. The lawsuit names Dr. Andrew Pasminski and seeks damages of more than $50,000 as well as legal fees.

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractors, like medical doctors, are held to a higher standard of care than a regular person. A medical practitioner must provide proper care and is required to ensure the safe treatment of patients. The woman in this case claims to have been seriously injured after the chiropractor failed to properly perform treatment. The woman suffered severe and permanent neurological damage to her lower extremity. This occurred after the chiropractor improperly moved her foot and ankle during treatment.

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April 1, 2016

New Report on Hospital Safety Confirms Serious Problems

by Levin & Perconti

A report recently issued by the Government Accounting Office, GOA, confirms that hospitals continue to have a serious problem with patient safety. According to the report, about 98,000 people die every year, 20 people each hour in the United States, because of a preventable medical mistake. What may be most startling is that the report has not seemingly prompted action to resolve the many problems plaguing our medical facilities. In fact, the report seems to agree that there are safety concerns for patients and states that hospitals and medical facilities have not resolved the problems.

Medical Mistakes are Preventable

Medical mistakes are now considered the third most common cause of death in the United States. Medical errors include a variety of problems such as medication mistakes, surgical errors, diagnostic mistakes, infections, falls, and hand off problems. The sad truth is that these are serious problems that do not need to occur. They often do happen, however, for a number of reasons. Understaffing is one major reason why medical accidents occur. Care providers are busy and may not take the time necessary to provide proper care. Medical facilities may not provide enough training to employees, rendering them less than adequate.

Medication Errors

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